Is it Dengue or Chikungunya? - Both are commonly spread by Aedes Aegypti Mosquito.


75% chance of infection turning into diseas

Chikungunya is rarely fatal but the symptoms can
be severe and disabling.

Even if the patient feels better in a week, joint
pains may persist for months.


25% chance of
infection turning into disease

Dengue can be fatal if unrecognized and
not properly treated in a timely manner

icon - Sudden high fever

Sudden high fever

icon - Headache


icon - Pain behind the eyes

Pain behind the eyes

icon - Nausea


icon - Nose bleeds

Nose bleeds

icon - Joint swelling

Joint swelling

icon - Rash


icon - Vomiting


icon - Muscle pain

Muscle pain

Where do I start with the precautions? - Mosquitoes hide in these corners.

icon - Under the cupboard

Under the cupboard

icon - Behind the curtains

Behind the curtains

icon - Behind the TV cabinet

behind the TV cabinet

icon - Under the bed

Under the bed

icon - Under the sofa

Under the sofa

icon - Behind the toilet

Behind the toilet

spray mosquito aerosols daily. They reach deep into the corners and kills all hidden mosquitoes.


icon - Wear full sleeved clothes

Wear full sleeved clothes

icon - Avoid water stagnation

Avoid water stagnation

Avoid strong smelling perfumes

Avoid strong smelling perfumes

Meet a doctor immediately if you show any of the symptoms

Meet a doctor immediately
if you show any of the symptoms